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Why Us?

We, at IDCO Training &Management Consulting Division, offer a wide spectrum of high quality, time-bound, & cost effective services to organizations. The company blends process expertise and analytical capabilities in diverse industries to provide a broad range of services using its enhanced delivery platform.

We deliver and impart a wealth of experience and knowledge to our clients, by using the most advanced methodologies and approaches, through highly-skilled professional trainers, coaches, and consultants known worldwide.

Consulting Services

Management Consulting

IDCO’s aim is to help and support companies obtain “more results with fewer efforts”; therefore, helping organizations “do the right things right and fast”. Our services help companies realize business outcomes in weeks, not years. We realize that for organizations to respond quickly to changes in the business climate and to take advantage of windows of opportunity, delivering clarity, strategic insight, direction and confidence are the keys to devising practical solutions to the most pressing challenges and opportunities.

Our Consulting Services are focused on customer’s needs and requirements.

We offer consultation in the following fields:

  • Quality
  • Sustainability
  • Change
  • Strategy
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Operational Excellence



Core Values

Core Values

  • Strives for excellence
  • Shows transparency in all dealings
  • Does not compromise on ethical values
  • Constantly surpasses the client’s expectations
  • Strives to improve by seeking feedback from others
  • Leads by example through personal accountability & credibility


  • Operational Excellence Assessors Training & Certification Program
  • Risk Management Training & Certification Program
  • Contract Negotiation Management Training & Certification Program

IDCO and QMS Partnership

In June 2015 QMS CFO Susanne Schneider travelled together with QMS Middle East Project Manager Joe to Bahrain to finalize the recent talks with International Directions owner and General Manager, Mr. Hatem Bader.
At the end of the negotiations both parties signed a cooperation contract which entitles International Direction to be the exclusive partner of QMS for The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and The Kingdom of Bahrain. So all services of QMS in these countries are obliged to International Directions’ marketing and sales activities.
Both parties agree on continuing their fruitful cooperation in the future and to increase customer base and service portfolios.






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